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Synergies Group Limited has cultivated an extensive and robust network of specialized manufacturers, solidifying our position as a key player in the industry.
Our dedicated in-house merchandising team goes the extra mile to establish a commanding presence on the ground, affording us a clear operational edge over our competitors. This remarkable network comprises more than 200 trusted suppliers and over 300 reliable factories, offering an extensive array of products that exceeds the 2000-product threshold. Our portfolio encompasses diverse categories, including Hardgoods, Consumer Electronics, and Homeware products.
In our pursuit of excellence, Synergies Group Limited remains at the forefront of emerging market trends. We continuously scan the market to identify and secure new and innovative products, which also involves refreshing and expanding our vendor base.


Synergies Group Limited guaranteed superior supplier quality and service of the highest standards. 100% of the Synergies factories undergo auditing (more than 600 per year) on technical and ethical standards alike


These are conducted the Synergies Group Limited audit team, on an ongoing mission to ensure that suppliers possess the right capabilities, and that all production processes are effectively in place.


These are conducted by a third party to check that suppliers comply with ethical standards, such as respecting the rights of workers.


Synergies Group Limited has its own team of engineers, along with a pool of nominated labs, working to ensure unparalleled compliance with quality standards. Synergies carefully controls each step of product development, from sampling to mass production, shipment and beyond.  

Synergies Limited Group's nominated labs perform in-depth tests to ensure the highest standards possible, before and during mass production.

Designated inspectors inspect 100% of orders before they undergo shipment, and Synergies Limited Group diligently perform close to 1500 lab tests, as well as nearly 2500 inspections annually.



Varying commercial purposes require varying solutions, which is why Synergies Limited Group's expert packaging team keep this in mind day in and day out, developing standard color boxes to PDQ, display and beyond. Superior packaging plays a vital and pivotal role in efficient product identification and promotion.

Synergies Limited Group's features a dedicated, in-house packaging team whose focus lies in developing effective artworks for the lowest cost possible, and in the shortest amount of time. Should the artworks be developed by the suppliers themselves, an alternate set of strict guidelines functions to effectively validate consistency.



A knowledgeable team of supply chain experts efficiently handle all orders, tracking them with precision from 25 locations across Asia, until the products are safe and sound in the warehouse. Synergies Limited Group's system assists in the process monitoring of all orders. The system provides a comprehensive overview of the situation at all times.

Synergies never neglects to perform a Final Random Inspection, prior to every shipment. This guarantees the highest possible quality when sourcing products for customers.