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OUR MISSION, vision and values


Synergies Group Limited is an international sourcing organization, providing product solutions and services, to create value and competitive advantages for the Owner its subsidiaries and customers.

The Company will act following all the cooperative’s principles such as transparency, legality, solidarity, respect of the human values, of the environmental, safety, health.


Synergies Group Limited vision is to evolve into the number one choice for Synergies’  buyers. Synergies’  success is built on foundations of trust, integrity and loyalty, guaranteeing a highly competitive advantage by offering products with good price without compromising quality.

Building trust means adhering to superior standards of accountability, honesty and transparency; never failing to provide consultancy advice and information. In doing so, clients are able to make the best business decisions possible.

Synergies' prowess is customers’ success, which is why focus also lies in developing world-class products that reflect our founders’ reputation and values.


The spirit of Synergies Group Limited is the embodiment of our values, and unwavering dedication to every customer’s success. These values represent the core of Synergies' management processes, and are essential in achieving both short-term and long-term goals. These goals are the fuel that drives Synergies Group Limited forward, lighting the path of service excellence and effective team work


Top view closeup business team of suit-clad businesspeople join hand stack together. Colleague collaborate and work together to promote harmony and teamwork concept in office workplace.

Each and every decision made by Synergies Group Limitedt on a daily basis is fueled by our moral and honest qualities, placing the interests of customers and of the company, at the forefront of our mind.



Synergies Group Limited mission forms the foundation of our passion, with a deep commitment to providing constant care with dedication to all customers.



As a company, Synergies Group Limited always works in unison to create the most favorable outcomes possible, encouraging a healthy team culture. Synergies joins forces to reach one common goal, working very closely with all partners and customers.